Changes to International Tuition Fees

As you may be aware, the University recently announced a change in the tuition fee structure for most international PhD students. In making this change, the administration consulted in November and December 2017 with SGS and with Principals and Deans.

The new tuition fee structure, which comes into effect in September 2018, enables most international research-stream PhD students to pay domestic tuition rates. It will be applied to all international students registered in affected programs in all years of study and is not retroactive; international PhD students who are already registered in a PhD program will not receive a refund for tuition fees paid on sessions prior to September 2018.

The new tuition fee structure does not apply to students in research-stream Master’s programs and professional Master’s programs. Moreover, it does not apply to international students in the following programs: Doctor of Education, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Ministry (TST Conjoint), Doctor of Theology (TST Conjoint), PhD in Theology (TST Conjoint), PhD in Dental Public Health, and PhD in Dentistry with Dental Specialty Training. The tuition fee structure for international students within these seven programs will continue to be determined in consultation with the relevant divisions through the annual budget review and planning process.

The new tuition fee structure will also be subject to the normal tuition fee review process at the University of Toronto.

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