Career Exploration Orientation (Masters, PhDs, & PDFs)

When: July 5, 3-5 pm
Where: Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street

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Participate in a session that is a condensed version of three different career exploration orientations, and become eligible to take part in the following programs:

1. Extern Job Shadowing: Connects you with professionals in a career area of your interest for a half-day to five-day job shadowing experience. Program runs three times a year (Nov., Feb., June).

2. In the Field: A group of 15-30 visit an organization to speak with 3-5 professionals working in a variety of career areas. Visit usually includes a panel discussion, informal networking, and a tour of the organization.

3. Informational Interview Database: Informational interviews are interviews where YOU ask the questions to get insider advice about a particular career, company or industry you would like to explore – it is not about asking for a job. Professionals in the database have already agreed to speak with you; all you have to do is reach out to them to set up your meeting!

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