Calling all UTM Grad Students!

Remember the stressful process of finding graduate programs and applying to grad schools? Do you believe in the power of connections and building stronger communities?

Help out a fellow UTM student by becoming a mentor through Grad Connect, a casual mentorship program that links the undergraduate and graduate communities while fostering leadership and helping students reach their future academic goals.

The best part about being a mentor through Grad Connect is that you don’t need to compromise your busy graduate-school-schedules in order to get engaged. You can make a difference in less than 10 hours spread over the whole semester!

Here’s how it works:

The Centre for Student Engagement will match a curious and prospective undergraduate student with a wise and experienced grad (that’s you!).

You’ll attend a brief informal orientation session (free snacks included), where you’ll receive some basic resources on mentorship and get to meet your undergraduate mentee.

You and your mentee will meet once a month, until the end of the spring semester, where your mentee can ask questions about grad school, receive some guidance with his or her applications, or just hang out with someone cool (again, that’s you!).

All participants will come together in late spring for a quick closing sessions (more free snacks) to debrief lessons learned and provide feedback to the program.

In addition, as a mentor with Grad Connect, your hours are eligible for transcript recognition through the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Program.

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For any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to Bipasha Gandhi ( or Roshni Mohan (

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