Call for Science Pitch Contestants

Science Rendezvous is currently looking for Science Pitch contestants from graduate students engaged in science-related fields. 

The Science Rendezvous Science Pitch Competition is a science thesis competition hosted by Science Rendezvous at the University of Toronto – St. George. The aim of the competition is to present your current research using only a single PowerPoint slide in an engaging and accessible three-minute pitch to our non-specialist judges as well as the general public attending the festival. 

There are only 15 spots available and participants will be selected based on their submission of a short 250-word abstract representing their research thesis. This competition is open to research-stream and professional graduate students in science-related fields at the master’s or doctoral level.  

The Science pitch competition will take place on May 8, 2021 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm. 

Please read the eligibility and judging criteria outlined in the attached document before applying. If you are interested in applying to Science Pitch, please fill out the following form by April 16, 2021:                                     


  • Students must be currently registered in a graduate program at the time of Science Pitch and must have made some progress on their research project.
  • Students who have completed their degree, but have not yet convocated are eligible to apply.
  • The research project presented must be primary research conducted by the individual. Competitors must be virtually present during the competition, have access to a computer connected to the internet with a working camera and mic, and must sign a media disclosure form.
  • Since space is limited, participants must commit to being available on May 8, 2021 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm.

How to Apply/Application Process

  • To register for the Science Pitch Competition, you are required to submit a 250-word abstract (Word or PDF file) explaining your research thesis and findings.
    The deadline for this submission is April 16th, 2021 by 5:00pm. Can be submitted through this link:
  • Based on the abstract submissions, 15 applicants will be chosen as participatory candidates for the Science Pitch Competition. All applicants will be contacted via. email.
  • All selected applicants are to submit a single PowerPoint slide (PPT file) to represent their thesis. The deadline for this submission is April 30th, 2021 by 5:00pm. Please email all submissions to: 
  • This year the competition will be held online via Zoom.


  • Each participant will be timed for exactly three minutes. Exceeding the time limit can lead to disqualification. Please note that the timer starts as soon as the participant begins to speak.
  • One static PowerPoint slide is allowed (no animations, transitions or changes are allowed during the presentation). The slide will be present throughout the entire three minutes.
  • No additional props (eg. costumes, visuals) or electronic media (eg. music, sounds) are permitted.
  • Presentations are to be verbally presented in standard oratory prose. (eg. no singing)

Judging Criteria

  • Was the language used by the presenter clear and understandable?
  • How was the pace of the oral presentation? Was it rushed?
  • How was the presenter’s use of nonverbal communication? Was there eye contact?
  • Was the presenter projecting their voice? Were they loud enough?
  • Was the talk easy to follow and understand? Did it teach you something?
  • Were the main ideas laid out in an accessible way for a non-specialist audience?
  • Did the speaker clearly lay out the purpose of their research?
  • Did they follow a logical sequence when speaking?
  • Was the presentation engaging? Did the speaker manage to grab the audience’s attention and maintain it throughout their talk?
  • Did it inspire people to want to know more regarding the topic?
  • Did the speaker seem enthusiastic about their work?
Creativity/ Slide Organization
  • Did the slide catch your attention?
  • Was the slide clear and easy to follow?
  • Did the slide add to the presentation?

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Science Pitch Coordinators, Science Rendezvous 2021 at UofT 

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