Black Students’ Wellness Month

This October, we are pleased to invite you to Black Students’ Wellness Month (BSWM), a series of events that aim to increase and support the wellbeing of Black students in the National Capital Region. 

 As part of our Public Health Agency of Canada funded project on The Mental Health for Black Youth, we are launching BSWM in the context of our two campaigns:  

  1. The “Knowing to Prevent” campaign which aims to educate, raise awareness, de-stigmatize and mobilize Black communities on mental health. 
  1. The “Chatting in the City” campaign, which aims to build the capacity of Black communities to support the resilience of youth who have already faced or are facing mental health issues. 

Throughout the entire month of October, we will be hosting many exciting events for Black students, including:  

  • Our opening event: a dialogue on facilitating Black students’ success between Dr. Myrna Lashley and Dr. Cécile Rousseau from McGill University 
  • Conferences led by Black scholars on academic success, leadership, and applying for scholarships  
  • Weekly mindfulness meditation sessions with Fimo Mitchell  
  • Mindfulness training for mental health professionals  
  • Weekly bilingual open mental health discussion groups (e.g., Black Students’ Mensroom, Black Students’ Womensroom) 
  • Counselling services for Black students offered throughout the month by various community organizations, universities and colleges in Ottawa and Gatineau  

 Please see the attached brochure for specific event details. 

 ALL EVENTS will be found at the following link:  

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