Applying for a child care subsidy from the City of TO?

If you are applying for a child care subsidy in the City of Toronto, file your Canadian income tax return immediately to receive your Canada Revenue Agency, Notice of Assessment (NOA). The City of Toronto does not require that an international student apply for Permanent Residency to be eligible for the child care subsidy.

Once you apply, you will be put on the wait-list for a child care fee subsidy. When the child care subsidy office contacts you they will request a copy of The Notice of Assessment to consider your eligibility for subsidy in the City of Toronto.  The Toronto child care subsidy office main information contact number is 416-338-8888 (press option #2 for child care).

For further information on child care options, availability, school-aged educational options, costs and subsidies, please see the U of T Family Care Office website or contact them by phone (416-978-0951) or email (

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