Apply to opt out of the UTGSU Health Plan

The University of Toronto Graduate Students’ (UTGSU) Supplementary Health and Dental Plan provides students with unique health benefits. The Plan was designed to provide many important services and cover expenses such as prescription drugs, health practitioners, medical equipment, travel health coverage, which are not covered by a basic health-care plan (i.e. OHIP) or the equivalent (such as UHIP for international students).

Students who already hold comparable coverage can apply to opt out of the UTGSU plans. The deadline to opt out is October 3, 2022.

Am I eligible to opt out?
To determine whether you are eligible to opt out, you will need to compare your existing coverage as it applies in Canada with the benefits outlined on the Student Care website. If your existing coverage has significant gaps when compared to the GSU plan, then your request to opt out will not be approved.

OK, I think I’m eligible. How do I opt out?
Please see the UTGSU/Student Care website for instructions on how to opt out online.

I haven’t arrived in Canada yet. Can I apply to opt out?
Yes, the application to opt out is managed online, so you can apply to opt out before arrival. When applying, be sure to specify that you have not yet begun your study period. Please also include your offer of admission from SGS as documentation of your start date.

I’m reading this on October 1. Can I apply to opt out?
No, the September 30 deadline is strictly upheld.

If my request to opt out is not approved, can I appeal the decision?
No, the decision is final.

If my request to opt out is approved, when do I get my money back?
Refund cheques will be mailed in the third week of November.

I still have questions. Who can help me?
Please contact

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