Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Lewis Lab at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, currently seeks postdoctoral fellows to join their 3D bioprinting team. If this opportunity matches your background and interests, keep reading!

Application Website: https://wyss.harvard.edu/job/wyss-institute-postdoctoral-fellow-lewis-lab/

The Lewis Lab is actively searching for postdoctoral fellows to join our 3D bioprinting team.  The ideal postdoctoral candidate will work both independently and in collaboration with members of our lab’s bioprinting team to create organ-specific tissues with embedded vasculature as well as 3D organ-on-chip models.  We have several ongoing projects that focus on combining stem cell-derived organ building blocks with biofabrication to create bulk kidney, cardiac, and liver tissues. Successful applicants will be expected to carry out cutting edge research on organ engineering as well as contribute to writing research proposals, publications, and patents.  Full information and qualifications can be found here.

Our lab’s recent bioprinting publications include:

  • Lin, et al., Renal reabsorption in 3D vascularized proximal tubule models, PNAS (2019)
  • Homan, et al. Flow-enhanced vascularization and maturation of kidney organoids in vitro, Nature Methods (2019)
  • Homan, et al. Bioprinting of 3D convoluted renal proximal tubules on perfusable chips, Scientific Reports (2016)
  • Lind, et al. Instrumented cardiac microphysiological devices via multimaterial three-dimensional printing, Nature Materials (2016)
  • Kolesky, et al. Three-dimensional bioprinting of thick vascularized tissues, PNAS (2016)

Applications, assembled as a single PDF file, should contain a cover letter describing research interests and goals, full resume, copies of up to three relevant scientific papers, as well as the names and contact information of three references (expected to provide letters of recommendation).  Applications should be sent to faculty_postdocs@wyss.harvard.edu using the subject line “Wyss Postdoctoral Fellow.”

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