5 graduate podcasts to listen to during quarantine

by: Hifza Buhari, G2G Peer Advisor (Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre)

Originally published on the Gradlife Blog on April 14, 2020.

It has been a few weeks since we all decided to save each other’s lives by going into hibernation in our homes. As graduate students, this could have changed your research trajectory and caused many forms of productivity to come to a halt. It may also have compounded feelings of isolation, something we struggle with already. You are not alone! I’ve compiled a list of great podcasts from the perspectives of graduate students like you who are going through different struggles; COVID-19-related or not.

Choose your pick below and happy listening!

1. Joshua Hall and Daniel Arneman started the Hello PhD podcast to “ease the way for students, postdocs, faculty, and scientists that navigate the same hard questions” they had during their journey. Some of their popular podcasts include “When research sucks”, “How to Avoid a Toxic lab”, and most recently, “Coronavirus, and Life Outside the Lab”. This is especially a great podcast because it talks about how academics are adjusting to changes with the current pandemic.

2. Double Shelix is a podcast created by women in STEM for women in STEM! Created by Sally Winkler and Kayla Wolf, it discusses the struggles of graduate and faculty members as they navigate pertinent issues such as how to handle a new faculty position, converting lab skills to industry positions, extracurricular involvement, and how to handle imposter syndrome.

3. Inspiration Dissemination is an award-winning radio program hosted every Sunday night at 7 pm (PST) on KBVR Corvallis at 88.7FM. Founded by Joey Hulbert and Zhian Kamvar, the show invites a different graduate student each week to talk about their lives and research interests. Their podcast aims to create an avenue of “human connection and inspiration during a more isolated time”.

4. Chats over Chai is a brand-new podcast created by a diverse group of professionals and graduate students from various countries and educational backgrounds. Their first episode, FOMO, discusses the changes that have occurred to their lives during the pandemic and philosophical musings on life and beyond.

5. And last but-not-least, The Hilarious World of Depression, is a podcast not necessarily by and for graduate students, but is still relevant for us due to current state of affairs (i.e. isolation). It is an award-winning podcast that presents the struggles of depression in a funny, honest, and moving way. Indeed, it has been endorsed by graduate student redditors (I kid you not) as a great podcast that helped them through graduate school.

If you find yourself wanting to chat about the issues raised in these podcasts, or your own academic or interpersonal conflict, please reach out to a G2G Peer Advisor. The Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre is now offering online drop-in sessions and appointments via Skype throughout the week. No issue is too small to discuss! Please visit CLNx for drop-in hours and appointment times.

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