4Cats Arts Studio: Bunny and Chicklet Mugs

When: April 13, 7-8:30 pm
Where: 4Cats Arts Studio (Junction), 1615 Dupont Street

Tickets: $15; Register (Limit: 2 per person)

Mold your clay, shape your mug, design your character’s original look, underglaze with your choice of colours, and rejoice!

In this fun GradEscape, you’ll hang with your peeps or special some-bunnies at the cozy 4Cats Arts Studio and make one of their new Mugs of the Season! Through hand building techniques, you will make your very own mug from scratch using low-fire clay and colourful glazes. 4Cats Arts Studio will dry and fire your artwork for you to take home approximately 14 days later.


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