National Postdoct Appreciation Week

Meet the People of the Postdoc Office

It’s the final day of National Postdoc Appreciation Week and time to profile the second half of the postdoc office. Most of you will have met Sarah either in person or virtually as she helps you get settled into your fellowship at U of T. Sarah’s been at U of T for the past five years, four of those at SGS. Before that, Sarah was an office administrator at a private elementary school. An interesting pivot from littles navigating their way through school to postdocs navigating their way through their fellowship at U of T.

"The best part of my job is welcoming postdocs to U of T and helping them get settled in. We are so lucky to have so many talented postdocs here from all over the world sharing their research, wealth of experience and enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to be a part of this stage in their academic careers."

Happy Postdoc Appreciation Week everyone! Now back to work, saving the world with your research.

Virtual Events

The National Postdoctoral Association’s calendar of virtual events continues with more great events to wrap up the week. The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars/l'Association Canadienne des Postdoctorantes et Postdoctorants (CAPS-ACPP) is holding their final free webinar of the week today. Each event has its own registration process, so check the calendar for more details.

EDI in Research and Innovation Event Summary

The launch event for EDI in Research and Innovation happened yesterday morning. The new office will work primarily with faculty to develop Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion strategies in their research practices (grant applications, research methodologies, publications, and annual reporting). A future event in this monthly series will focus on how to count EDI and have EDI count.

Several upcoming events were profiled:
The next event in the monthly series is EDI in Trainee Recruitment, Hiring, and Professional Development on October 21.

Your Health and Wellness

On our getting started page, and in our welcome email to you, we highlight several amazing resources you have access to. UHIP and Greenshield cover your health insurance and benefits needs. With the reopening of gyms and physical fitness facilities, you may want to consider a membership with the Athletic Centre or Hart House. Finally, the Family Care Office and Employee and Family Assistance Plan provide substantial guidance and support for a range of personal and family issues and questions.

In the coming weeks and months Jonathan and Sarah will share information about a Career Symposium, Pathways to Permanent Residency session, and other events as we learn about them.
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