National Postdoct Appreciation Week

Your Experiences with Postdoc Appreciation Week

Today is the fourth day of National Postdoc Appreciation Week and we would love to hear about your experiences this week and what events you’ve participated in. Tomorrow we’ll feature a selection of your stories and learnings.

NPA Virtual Events Calendar

The National Postdoctoral Association’s calendar of virtual events continues with more great events. Today there is a symposium, and sessions and panels on topics like: career re-invention, transition from postdoc to early career researcher, industry postdocs, writing a research statement, reference management, etc. Each event has its own registration process, so check the calendar for more details.

Connect with Canadian Postdocs

The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars/l'Association Canadienne des Postdoctorantes et Postdoctorants (CAPS-ACPP) is holding a free webinar series for members each day from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24. This event series is for postdocs, graduate students, and early career professionals.

Professional Development and Professionalization

The professional development page of the SGS Postdoc website highlights the range of professional development and professionalization options open to you. As a student, Jonathan completed, and speaks very highly of, the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication’s fantastic workshops on written and oral communication, the Teaching in Higher Education 500 course, and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation’s workshops and supports. We look forward to a return of English Conversation Communities for Postdocs offered by the Centre for International Experience when public health guidelines allow.

As mentioned in Wednesday’s email – the University of Toronto is a decentralized place and you may also be able to access something locally. For instance, in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, postdocs can participate in Prospective Professors in Training and the OPTIONS program. Hospital-based postdoctoral fellows usually have access to professional development through their research office. UTM and UTSC offer local supports for postdocs on each campus – today, the UTM Senior Research Associates are offering a drop-in CV work session for postdoctoral fellows at UTM.

Postdocs, do you have ideas on how we can improve this newsletter? Reply to this email or share your feedback anonymously.
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