National Postdoct Appreciation Week

Meet the People of the Postdoc Office

Happy third day of Postdoc Appreciation Week! My name is Jonathan Turner, I use he/him pronouns, and I’m one half of the postdoctoral services office. I earned my PhD here at the University of Toronto in the history and philosophy of science and technology. Since completing my PhD, I have worked in several staff roles at U of T – Professional and Graduate Skills Strategist, Career Educator, Special Projects Advisor, Institutional Strategic Initiatives Officer, and now Manager of Graduate Completion and Postdoctoral Services. In addition to the exciting and rewarding work that I do for the University, I co-founded the Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network and am leading a national benchmarking research project of professional/career development programming for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. I have published articles in my doctoral field (defence research and science policy) as well as in the field of graduate and postdoctoral development.

I worked with many of you in my previous roles in the University, and I’m looking forward to working with you all in this new capacity. I am consistently impressed by the amazing and invaluable research that you all do, and I want to thank you, not just on Postdoctoral Appreciation Week, but all the time for what you are contributing to your fields, to society, and to the University.

Keep reading for a list of today’s events and a profile of the career services available to you.

NPA Virtual Events Calendar

The National Postdoctoral Association’s calendar of virtual events continues with more great events. For instance, today there is a research symposium, and sessions and panels on topics like: autogenic relaxation, reframing networking, speed schmoozing, career values and identity, and careers in medical science liaison. Each event has its own registration process, so check the calendar for more details.

Connect with Canadian Postdocs

The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars/l'Association Canadienne des Postdoctorantes et Postdoctorants (CAPS-ACPP) is holding a free webinar series for members each day from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24. This event series is for postdocs, graduate students, and early career professionals.

Career Supports

Career Education is near and dear to Jonathan’s heart, so today’s profile is of career supports available to you. The first thing to note, as with all things at the University of Toronto, is to check to see what sort of support you have in your department, faculty (or academic division), or campus. One thing that will be consistent, is that every postdoctoral fellow can request access to the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx). Through CLNx you can see job postings, sign up for job shadowing opportunities, join workshops and career events, access resources, or book an individual appointment. You can find support preparing an application for a faculty position, or for the transition to industry, government, entrepreneurship, self-employment, non-profit, non-governmental, or any other career path. Each term, there is a small group session just for postdocs with a rotation of topics throughout the year – networking, career planning, job search, etc. No matter what your career question, or where you are in your career process, there’s support for you.
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